Thursday, July 29, 2010

Youth Category

the period between childhood and adult age;
the state or quality of being young ...

When we organised our first Ace Adventure Challenge back in 2003, we had a category catered to the Youth. Adventure Racing was new to most people back then, and we did have a handful of Youth Teams who brave their hearts to race. Nevertheless, only 2 of the 5 registered teams finished the race, barely met the cut-off time. It was tough for these youth back then as most had not been exposed to long distance multi-sports races. Eventually, we moved the young athletes to race in the Open categories as it was too small a group to form a category within AAC.

Subsequent years, there were more races catered to the young athletes and by now, we see senior racers coaching school teams to compete in local and overseas races where they build very strong physical and mental toughness, and learn more about team work and self-discipline.

In view of the popularity of adventure racing among our youth, we are bringing back the Youth Category so that these young athletes have a chance to be competitive among their peers and win some prizes to motivate themselves.

So here you go, young boys and girls! You will race at the same level with the seniors with no concession! I bet this is what you really want too!

Youth Team (mixed)
- a team of 3
- at least one member must be the opposite sex
- all 3 members must be born between 1 Jan 1993 and 31 Dec 1990

Flag-off Time for Youth - 3:15 pm

Cut-off Time for Youth - 9:15 pm

All other race details & conditions apply to the Youth Teams.

Entry Form: Please use the same entry form, under the category column, please type *Youth

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  1. Ms Soo, thanks for creating this category. I wouldn't say the youths have trained to be mentally tougher but if it is better than before that is good news.

    Singapore has so limited adventure races. I'm sure yours is one that would give our young racers a taste of good adventure racing, with a local flavour.