Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunset Adventure - Sat, 18 Sep 2010

Race Date:

Sat, 18 September 2010

Flag-off Time:

Men - 2.30pm

Mixed - 3pm

Women - 3.15pm

Driven by the love of the sport and the people who know how to push themselves and enjoy adventure - Ace Adventure Challenge (AAC) is into its sixth run this year. It is grueling, enduring and with much exhilaration.

There is really nothing so special about the race and the route. You and your teammates will race in this ever familiar ground, yet in some ways, you feel so out of comfort most of the time. You will have your teammates to depend on but will likely to be physically so exhausted that you would rather run your own race, but hey, this is a team race and that team above self can better guaranteed a finish! You may or may not get to the finish line, but without you, your team will be incomplete.

If you have not experienced AAC in the past or have not participated in an adventure race, think twice before you sign up. AAC is for people who generally can ignore and enjoy PAIN!

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