Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rope ladder

Is the rope ladder daunting for you?

The rope ladder will make its debut once again.

Some love it, while others are still searching for the best technique to make it a less strenuous ascend.

Be prepared, the ladder will swing like a swing.

Go do some rock climbing practice, it will help you to improve your technique, at least a little.

Happy training =)


  1. A tip to climb a rope ladder. During climb, hands hold on to the vertical-lengths of the ladder at the side. The vertical-lengths are in tension when you weighted, therefore this is easier to hold on as compared to holding on to the horizontal-rung when climbing conventional stiff-ladders. If you hold on to the rungs on the rope ladder, the slacken rope will challenge your balance during movement.

    Better grip if you can hold on to the vertical-length just above the knots that join the horizontal-rung to both sides. This will prevent your grip to slip down when holding on to the sides.

    Before pushing your feet to elevate yourself during climb, ensure your body weight is over your feet so that you will be pushing down the rung stepped; than otherwise where it will cause further imbalance and unnecessary swings.

    In short, keep your body as close as possible to the vertical-lengths of the rope that are tensioned when weighted from your stepped foot.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Chia, good tips indeed. Trust the racers will find this helpful.

    Skywalker, the best place to practice on this rope ladder is at AAC. :)

  3. Wah Lau.....I have never done this b4, sure kaput !!

  4. My first time doing it was at AAC! Really swing like a swing!! HAHA.