Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teams gathered to practice rope skills

It was a bright sunny Saturday. We've got a rainbow above us !

The rope ascending and abseiling session went pretty well. But due to some teams who turned up unexpectedly, we had a bit of waiting time there.

Thanks to all for being there and being so patient with everything. Hope you had a good time working out the processes with your teammates and revisit the skills that you have shelved up for a long time.

Abseil: Racers get to practice abseil with a rope-man (aka a belay person on the ground). The rope-man will hold on to the abseil rope during an abseil, in the event that the abseiler slip or let go of the rope, the rope-man will assist to arrest the fall from the ground. During the race, racers' team members will take on the role of a rope-man.

Rope ascend: This is probably one of the most physically demanding rope stations. Racers need to practice the right technique to ascend efficiently. Team members are require to work closely. While one member is ascending, the other members have to hold tight on the rope from the ground. The rope tension held by members on the ground will ease the sliding of the ascenders. (I had a hard time demonstrating rope ascending, it is indeed a hard skill :p)

Thank you to Ngee Ann Polytechnic for the used of their Adventure Tower.

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